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༶ Meditation
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Dharma for Today
Timeless Message – Contemporary Presentation

Dharma for Today
Timeless Message –
Contemporary Presentation


I am a Buddhist practitioner, teacher and contemplative psychotherapist; I accompany and support people on their paths of awakening.

In my practice and work I feel connected to Early Buddhist Teachings, particularly to the voice of the Early Buddhist discourses prior to their organisation into doctrines, schools and traditions.

My understanding and approach is shaped by the people I had the privilege to learn from and practice with, by my professional, monastic, therapeutic and academic trainings, the stages and landscapes of my biography. Thankful for these multiple influences, I do not belong to any orthodox school, tradition, or lineage today.

Here you will find information and materials about

༶  online and on-premises activities of Atammaya, Bodhi College, and my practice and study courses elsewhere: lectures, retreats, study & practice seminars on aspects of Buddhist mind training, applied mindfulness and pathways of awakening.

       Recurring topics in my activities include
– the practice of satipaṭṭhāna,
– calm and insight and mindfulness of breathing;
– challenges of the contemplative path,
– the psychology of spiritual practitioners,
– differing aspects of mindfulness and forms of awareness,
– Buddhist psychology and its interfaces,
– the relationship of meditation and psychotherapy,
– Dharma study and everyday practice,
– Buddhism and society,
– the history and contemporary relevance of Early Buddhist texts
– cultural translation & naturalization of Buddhist wisdom traditions

༶  my therapeutic work in mindfulness-based Contemplative Therapy, Focusing and Core Process Psychotherapy

༶  Publications, Audio- and Video recordings on topics of Buddhist teaching, contemplative practice and mindfulness training

What’s New

Atammaya Online Evenings with Akincano (German language)
Wednesdays 19:00-21:00
Dates: 1. + 15. Feb  | March 1. + 15. +  29
Further Dates 2023 and Zoom-Link
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17. – 19. March: On-Prem-WE, Buddhistisches Zentrum Wien (with Christoph Köck) (German language)
Lust Mögen und Verlangen: Buddhistische und psychologische Perspektiven
Info & Registration: here
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24. – 26. March: Med’wochenende, Tai Chi Schule, Karlsruhe (D)
(German language)

Upekkhā: Gelassenheit als Tugend und Praxis

Flyer and Registration: here
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7. – 14. Avril: Retraite de 7 jours à Épernon, (F)
(Ass. Gwénola Herbette)
Informations et régistration: Terre d’Eveil, Paris
(French language)
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Feb. ’13:  »Atammaya« a name and its history